British Firework Championships 2013

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Are you ready to get involved in the biggest competition of professional firework companies.

The first firework displays will start at around 9.30pm each evening as dusk falls

Tuesday 13 August
1. Phoenix Fireworks
2. Selstar Fireworks
3. 1st Galaxy Fireworks

Wednesday 14 August
4. Star Fireworks
5. MLE Pyrotechnics
6. Pendragon Fireworks

You will spent your afternoon visit us at soundlets gallery and then from 6.30 you will start to enjoy the entertainment with local band playing.


A Big GIG in Devonport Park

Have you any plans for the week end? Don’t miss the Big GIG in Devonport Park! It will take place on Sunday at the park from 1pm, and will feature a host of local bands and entertainers. Do you need an other reason to visit Plymouth? Don’t forget to have a look at Soundlets Gallery! We are waiting for you!