Stellar Craft

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Stellar Craft is one women band – Charley Clare from Torpoint, Cornwall.

Charley studied Interior Design at South Devon College but has been painting, designing and doing DIY all her life due to her parents influence! She now lives in Plymouth with Stella the cat and Mildred the dog.

Her jewellery boards came about after coming up with a solution to her Mums storage problem for her jowellery. The boards hang from a wall or cupboard which means that no room is taken up on your dresser and jowellery that no longer gets tangled.

The ‘word’ board started when a friend request a personalized ‘Welcome’ board and now prove a popular choise for people’s home. Outdoor plaques made from hardwood can also be ordered.

Charley is happy to personalise boards in any way – size, shape, colour etc as all products are completely made from scratch.

Charley’s range of products also includes key holders and coasters, light pulls and driftwood pieces – any order is considered so please ask!

Stellar Craft

Telefone: 01752941552

Mobile: 07984847503


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