Jan Cracknell

Yew. It is found usually in or near churchyards and famous for making bows. Long bows as the French mobility were found to their chagrin at a girl court. The part Rosa is an African hardwood with very attractive grain patterns. African black wood is a very hard wood which is used to make bag pipes chanters, clarinets, etc. Maple is a very attractive wood when it is turned and polished. All of the pens are a melange of oak, yew, maple and burr yew. Jan has a passion for wood from school and he loves the feel of the wood. His pens are hand crafted on a lathe. He was inspired by a local wood turner and from clubs and internet sources. He is also a member of the Plymouth wood turning club and the wood turners association of Great Britain. Jan was born in Scotland but he brought up in Cornwall. In the past he was a local fisherman on a trawler in Plymouth. He was fishing several kinds of fish with trawl nets, e.g. flat fish, plaice, dover sole, ray & dabs. His voyages were up to ten days long in all weather conditions. Sometimes he was fishing inshore, for example close to the Eddystone or in France in the “Bay de Seine”. He has a partner called Glenda. Furthermore he is a foster Dad.

Mr Jan Cracknell

phone number: 01752 318 592

email: janandglen@hotmail.co.uk

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