The Ocean City Festival continue

On Tuesday the 10th of September you will chose from different activity:

1. Lunchtime Talk: The Huff of Arklow – Opening time 13.10 – Barbara Bridgman will talk about the history of this revolutionary boat, her restoration and the apprenticeship scheme linked to the project. Admission is £2 per person. Advance booking and payment are essential via Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery’s Welcome Desk.

2. Scitec Showcase – Opening time 4.30 – This event will showcase the breadth of activity and expertise that exists at the University within science and technology areas, reflecting both teaching and research activities, and demonstrating how scientific research relates to real life – Free admission.

3. Beagle Debate – Opening time 19.00 – A panel of 5 experts eagerly present to you their reasons for saving their favourite marine species to have safe passage on-board Darwin’s HMS Beagle – Free admission.

And if you need a break between all those intellectual activities come to have a rest at Soundlets Gallery!

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