History and coffee

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Would you like to peek into the past? Until the 12th of October you can visit the City Museum and Art Gallery in Plymouth showing The Life and Times of Lady Astor. Followed by a stroll down to  the Soundlets Gallery to bring you back to the present .

No man is above the low

The keystone of  British democracy will be seen side by side for the fist time. The four survival original copies of the Magna Carta will be united  to mark the 800th anniversary of the charter. This is a very important news because it was the earliest charter to enshrine the rights of man into English law.

Plymouth is beginning to be a interesting place to train champions

If during the past years someone that wanted to be trained by a good coach had to move in others places like London, Leeds, Manchester, Bath and Loughborough to progress, now the reputation of coaches like Andy Banks and Jon Rudd and Plymouth College, Plymouth University and the University of St Mark and St John have brought Plymouth to be a strong center of  improvement.

Look up at the sky

Are you interested in others existing lives in the universe? Or do you usually observe the stars just to predict the future? Uk astronomers are looking for alien life among the stars. Currently, most of the work is done in the US, but what do you think about watching the sky from this beautiful landscape? Have a sit in Soundlets Gallery and peer into this wonderful blue sky!